Quality Policy

Cores has a quality policy that provides for and ensures top quality performance in identifying and fulfilling customer’s contractual requirements and by measuring and continuously improving our performance.


Our vision is to be recognized as a world-class leader in the installation, repair and maintenance of large bore marine and industrial diesel engines and generators and the repair and overhaul of marine gears, clutches and couplings with a commitment to on time delivery.


Cores purpose is to maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction, trust, integrity and reliability through delivering quality services conforming to or exceeding industry best practices, while constantly continuing to improve our standards and processes.


In achieving this policy Cores commits to the following guidelines;

  1. Adhering to any statutory or regulatory requirements applicable to Cores and our services.
  2. Continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system through setting and monitoring our quality objectives, regular management reviews and internal audits.
  3. Communicating the policy through training and regular review to our employees ensuring that everyone in Cores understands and is committed to the policy.
  4. Monitoring our quality system performance on an ongoing basis for process and product performance, customer satisfaction and achievement of our quality objectives.

The Quality Assurance Coordinator (and/or Management) has full authority and responsibility for ensuring the policy is adhered to in all activities of Cores.


To support and realize our policy, Quality Objectives are set for Cores as a whole and for each function and level.


In achieving this policy employees are encouraged to identify and correct existing problems and issues, to prevent potential defects, and to seek solutions for improvement of processes to ensure customer expectation for quality are met.

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