5 Wärtsilä, NOHAB F30 - 16 Cylinder
Service work performed in Woodside Industries, NS and at the plant in Belnan, NS

Cores Worldwide Inc. was contracted to remove all major engine components and crankshafts on all 5 main engines. The project required CORES to send servicemen, tools and equipment into Woodside Industries in Dartmouth, NS. CORES disassembled all major engine components from all 5 main engines leaving the engine blocks in place. All parts and major components were removed from the oil rig and transported to the CORES plant to be reconditoned. Examples of these major components included 80 cyclinder heads, 80 liners and pistons and the complete fuel system. In addition, the engine raft was found to be misaligned and CORES designed and manufactured steel chaulks to bring all 5 rafts to perfect alignment. Lastly, 1 crankshaft was removed and replaced in-situ. Upon completion, CORES had the main engines professionally painted to meet customers specifications and all engines were sea trialed. All service work was completed on time and on budget.

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